6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Suffragettes

6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Suffragettes

Mar 17

Everyone knows that the Woman Suffrage Movement was made in order to give the women the equal right to vote and to hold public office, just as men were able to.

Every person, man and woman alike, should have a say in what the future of their country should be.

The fight was won and now women can vote, but along with this there were many other things that the suffragettes were also able to accomplish for womankind.

But there are some things about suffragettes you might not know. Here’s some of them.

Why I Think Feminism is So Misunderstood by Today’s Youth

Why I Think Feminism is So Misunderstood by Today’s Youth

Jan 10

When the word feminism is mentioned, what usually comes to mind is now a twisted, warped version of what the term really means.

Where feminism is supposed to mean ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes,’ these days some women take it to mean that women should be of higher rank than men, and thus should be held in higher regard.

Unfortunately, it is this warped version which has grown in popularity (with the help of popular culture) and has led to a common misunderstanding of Feminism.

Ladies–Believe in Yourself. Have More Confidence in What You Can Achieve

Ladies–Believe in Yourself. Have More Confidence in What You Can Achieve

Sep 19

More often than not I hear women talking amongst themselves, telling each other that they cannot achieve one thing or another because of this reason or that reason. Unfortunately, it is true–they will never achieve that one thing…especially not with an attitude like that.

The truth is what we can achieve is completely dependent on our frame of mind, on what we all think and know we can do. Our belief in ourselves is a big factor in what we can or cannot reach, whether or not we accomplish a task we set out to do, or whether or not we reach a goal that we had set for ourselves.

How to Build Self Confidence


Now, I’m not saying that confidence and belief in yourself is a magic bullet that will immediately fix all of your problems and have you achieving your goals, but I AM saying, however, that it will most definitely help you.

smileLadies, I know we all have a bit of insecurity, but we need to push through it and get out of our comfort zone in order to get anywhere. If you want to change your career, for example, from bargets estate agent to something completely different such as an ad executive, or something completely farfetched like being a clown, you will need confidence and belief in yourself.

Insecurity, however, as we all know, can be quite difficult to overcome. Note that I said difficult and not impossible–because it still can be overcome. Here are a few tips that may just help you with overcoming your insecurity and self-doubt.

Change Your Posture and Smile
When you catch youself starting to think negatively, something as simple as concentrating on changing your posture and smiling can make a huge difference in your mood and in the way you think.

Smiling has been shown in studies to actually improve mood–try it. You’ll see the difference. It may be difficult to ‘force’ the smile, but once you get in the habit, you can use this trick when you’re feeling low.

Do Not Entertain Negative Thoughts
When you are thinking negatively, like for example you are thinking that you will never be able to get away from your career as an estate agent and find yourself happy in another new career… STOP.

negative thoughtsBanish those thoughts. It doesn’t matter if you cuss at them until you throw them out of your mind, or if you distract yourself by doing something else… what’s important is you STOP those thoughts from occuring. Even better: reaffirm yourself instead. If you think something negative, counter it with something positive–think: “I am not ______________. Rather, I am _______________ because ______________.”

Find Ways to Improve Yourself Everyday
In order to raise your self confidence, you must actively be working on yourself in order to improve yourself and get to where you want to be. So don’t forget to find a goal and do one thing every day in order for you to reach this goal.

Gender Roles in the Playground

Gender Roles in the Playground

May 03

Playgrounds are supposed neutral areas where children can explore who they are and simply let their imaginations run wild.

While children as young as three to six years old will already start associating with one gender or another, gender roles, which is defined as the cultural and personal expectations of what defines masculine and feminine.

While gender roles are not harmful by itself, strict social pressure to conform to gender norms can have a negative impact on children and their personal development.

For example, children have already started learning gender roles on the playground.

Instead of going out to play and jump and run on the slides and ladders, some little girls choose instead to “play house” or refuse to play with the “icky boys”.

Of course, the preference for play houses may seem trivial at first, but just look at the damage it will cause in the long run – things such as sports and other active activities are considered “manly” and for the boys only.

This means that young girls who are interested in sporty activities may choose to not go into them for fear of not being considered “girly enough”.

How often have we heard jokes about female basketball players looking “butch” or “manly”.

Strict gender roles tend to give way to this sort of sexual bullying, which in turn gives young children a hard time.


In fact, enforcing gender roles or merely being exposed to the social pressures of gender roles have an extremely negative effect on children.

Young girls tend to become more insecure and start worrying about things such as their looks and their weight before they even reach the age of ten.

On the other hand, young boys begin to manifest signs of male privilege, often excluding young girls from games on the grounds that girls are “weak”.

This leads to poor interpersonal relationships on both sides, which can continue all the way into adulthood.

Gender roles do not belong in the playground
Playgrounds are supposed to be neutral, safe places for children regardless of their chosen gender.

Playgrounds should facilitate active play and camaraderie, and allow children to discover themselves and to make new friends.

They should jump and run, and get themselves dirty, without having to worry whether their hair is getting mussed up. Children should be allowed to be children, not boxed into unyielding gender roles.

What can you do to promote gender neutrality in the playground?
Gender roles simply do not belong on the playground because of its negative effects on children’s psyches.

Instead, you should promote gender neutrality among children.

For example, you should always encourage children to try out everything in the playground for themselves.

They should be allowed to make up their own games, and encouraged to interact with each other.

If young girls want to play the exciting, adventurous games, you should certainly allow them.

On the other hand, if young boys would rather play with flowers and have their own little tea parties, you should let them do it as well. Be gender neutral and say no to enforced gender roles.
This video talks about the role of parents in gender role issues with kids:

Feeling Empowered at Home – Women’s Actual Experiences

Feeling Empowered at Home – Women’s Actual Experiences

May 01

Feminism doesn’t have to be all about fighting for women’s rights or fighting for equality for women. It doesn’t have to mean that you have to struggle to be equal with men.

Sometimes, as I’ve probably already mentioned in another blog post… feminism can just be about something as simple as feeling empowered and feeling strong and capable of doing everything on your own. Sometimes it can be all about feeling empowered about being a woman and feeling lucky that you are one.

At times I do feel empowered as a woman too. In fact I have many stories of just that, of feeling empowered and feeling great about being female…but this time I think I’ll just leave those stories to these women, who have written in to let me know how much they love being a woman!

drain imageNatasha – Home Drain Maintenance
Hi Miriam, I just wanted to let you know that I feel absolutely great because recently, I decided to learn how to clean and unblock or snake drains myself… I used to always call someone else like Metro Rod for their professional services, whenever my drains would get blocked or need some maintenance.

But due to some recent budget issues I decided that the best way to deal with my drain problems was to be the one to take care of my problems myself. After a bit of research and a bit of investment in some of the equipment needed, I can tell you that I now definitely know how to snake my drain and won’t have to ask for help again.

Marie – Learning Car Maintenance
One thing that my father always used to teach m as a young girl was how to take care of cars. He taught me how to do it because he didn’t want me to rely on others in case I had car trouble.

It was for my own safety, he said, and while I do understand that, I at the same time am qutie happy to be able to maintain my car myself. Recently I had a break down and I was able to figure out what was wrong myself and fix it without having to call a mechanic–it is quite empowering and I do love being able to prove that women can know things about engines and vehicles too!

powertoolsAngela – Learning to Use Power Tools
I love being able to build things with my own hands and how to use power tools to be ble to DIY things for my home. I have so far built a shelving unit and even a table, as well as a bench for the garden… It’s empowering knowing that I can go to a hardware store and know what I need without having to get assistance most of the time. Plus I love being able to make whatever I want! With power tools, what I can make is quite limitless.

So there you have it.. a few stories from some of my readers and friends about what has recently made them feel proud to be a woman.

Forget Body Shaming – Be All for Empowerment and Health!

Forget Body Shaming – Be All for Empowerment and Health!

Apr 01

These days women are shamed into hating their bodies. They end up wanting plastic surgery or wanting to make a drastic change because someone made a comment about how wide their nose is or how chubby their cheeks are.

But those are less common that the fact that some women are being told flat out, straight to their faces, that they are fat, and that they should not be wearing this or that because they do not have the body for it.

Women get bullied all the time whether they realise it or not, and it’s time that they finally do decide not to be a victim.

womanI admire those women who take matters into their own hands and decide to take care of their health after everything they have been through.

They take back their lives from whatever illness is hanging over them or threatening their well being, then just absolutely blow the minds of the people who criticised them in the first place! It truly is female empowerment at its absolute best.

In fact I love that campaign that was recently launched about women who work out because they want to be healthy, not for anything else. There were videos of ordinary women (aka women who are not perfect and are not supermodels) who were exercising–swimming, dancing, sports–who were doing it because they wanted to be healthy and happy.

Now if you want to change your own routine and see if you can fit in a bit more time for your health, then go right ahead! Nobody is stopping you and nobody ever should. In fact, here are a few tips on how you can get started, from some of my friends who did the very same thing at one point in their lives.

Just Do It
Yes, Nike did do something right with their slogan. They were right to say just do it–because you should.

If you keep waiting for the right time, then you’ll find yourself never able to start because guess what–there almost is never a “right time” for anything. Get started, and then correct course along the way.

motivatedFind What You Like
When it comes to working out, finding something that you can stick with is pretty much the most important thing to do because this will determine whether you will be able to follow through or not.

Now don’t be afraid to try different things–regardless of if it’s using outdoor training equipment or running or dancing or even yoga.

Stay Consistent, Be Motivated
Another thing that you should do is be consistent with what you do. This is because consistency is key to getting results.

Without consistency you will have a hard time becoming successful in regaining your health and empowering yourself with the confidence of knowing that you are healthy. If you need extra motivation, find a friend who will help you and try to get healthy with you again.

Homeopathy and the Suffragettes

Homeopathy and the Suffragettes

Mar 14

The other day I was talking with a few friends who were married with children. We ended up on the topic of home health care because the flu was starting to go around and all the mums were hunkering down to see what they could do to fight it off. Others whose family members were not sick yet were discussing how they could fend it off. They were trying to figure out what kind of treatments they could give to increase their family’s resistance.

A very beautiful video about pros and cons of homeopathy:


It was during the discussion of this topic that we all were turned to the study of homeopathy. It’s no surprise that women have also begun to adopt homeopathic medicines and care as this type of medicine is more easily adapted to the home. These are treatments that they can give their family themselves after all.

I am saying this not to generalise, but women tend to be the primary health caretakers in the family–they are the ones who dole out medicine when someone is feeling ill, they are the ones who tuck children in, give them sponge baths and change their clothing when they get too sweaty.

herbs in the bottle

For the most part, anyway.As I’ve said, I am not trying to generalise. However, if you look at your typical, traditional family, in most cases you will notice that the womens are the ones who care for the families. Not only by taking care of those who fall ill, but also by taking care of the family’s health in general–making sure the family eats well and healthily, making sure they live in a good environment, and so on.

Women have unknowningly been practicing homeopathy for a while now. This is why it also comes as no surprise that even leading suffragettes were huge supporters of homeopathy.

suffragettesSuffragettes and Homeopathy
Back then, a lot of feminists and suffragettes were campaigning for homeopathy at the same time that they were campaigning for women’s rights. The reason for this is because they believed that for there to be a healthier, happier society, there must be women’s rights, but also homeopathic medicine.

When I say a lot of feminists and suffragettes, I do mean a lot–think Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Louisa May Alcott, Susan B. Anthony, Julia Ward Howe, Lucretia Mott, Clemence Sophia Lozier and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps.

How it Started
In the 19th century, the Ladies Physiological Societies were quite famous. It is in this setting that women taught each other about their bodies, ailments, and how to deal with them.

It was like an early form of a support group for women. During their meetings, homeopathic information was central, and was often discussed and shared. At that time, even the wives of modern medicine physicians were seeking homeopathic methods for healing.

Why Do Women Choose Homeopathy?
I would say that the main reason women of that time and even today choose homeopathy is for the simple fact that it is safe and easy for women to implement in their own home.

How to Handle Discrimination at Work

How to Handle Discrimination at Work

Jan 26

Recently I was able to catch up with a friend of mine, Lydia. She and I get together once in a while and catch up as much as we possibly can. I met her back in graduate school, when I was still studying—she was my roommate for a while and we hit it off really well. Lydia and I are close almost like sisters, despite a lot of differences between the two of us.

Female ElectricianAs she and I were catching up with each other, she told me a story that to say the least riled me up—maybe at least just a little. As a female commercial electrician, Lydia is used to dealing with a lot of discrimination at work. It has lessened in the recent years she has told me, but it never fully disappears.

She’s dealt with rude clients who demand a male electrician because they can do the job better. If not, then they always end up asking her for her superior, because they didn’t believe that she did her work right and they wanted it double checked.

But the story she told me of what happened to her recently has really gotten me not only riled up, but also saddened that people have such closed minds.

Lydia works for a company that sends out electricians at client companies’ request. She has been working for the same company for years, but unfortunately there has been a recent change over in management. The new man who took over the helm is not quite as open minded as the last. Here’s how the change has affected Lydia.

Less Work
Work of a Female ElectricianEver since the change in management Lydia has been assigned less and less jobs. As a person who works on a per hour basis, there is no doubt that she is feeling it—financially as well as emotionally, knowing the burden that she has to pay all her bills at the end of the month with a significantly lower pay check. And with her significantly lessened pay check she has been unable to do the same things she has needed to do.

Discrimination in the Workplace
Although Lydia works in other buildings when she is on call, whenever she is not on assignment she has to stay in the office. And while she gets along quite famously with her other colleagues, her new boss has been quite the difficult one to tolerate and deal with. He calls her names often and always questions the quality of her work. Sometimes he’s also made some sexist comments that truly demean her.

Discrimination Against Women

This is something that I urge all women not to tolerate. They should do something about it—if not by confronting the boss then by leaving the job and finding another—if this seems to be the only option left.

Never be afraid to make a stand for yourself, even if there are some consequences. Never let someone say that you cannot do something just because you are a woman. Be empowered!

Feminist Leaders in Executive Coaching

Feminist Leaders in Executive Coaching

Jan 02

Executive coaching is defined as the process of teaching others to develop both their professional and personal skills for individual growth and personal success.

exec-resume-pic-C-level-executive-resume-branding-coachingAn executive coach focuses on improving an individual’s self-esteem and outlook on life, while training them to become better business associates and true leaders.

Usually, dramatic methods are used to create thought experiments as well as posing challenges in a real world setting, motivating someone on the path to self-discovery.

I believe that it is a great idea for all women leaders to achieve a certificate in Executive Coaching. Executive coaches are there to help motivate others to reach their full potential, helping others to gain their footing in leadership roles such as business executives and company bosses.

It is no wonder that this is field that many feminists are choosing to get into – after all, equality means placing power in the hands of those who have none.

Since women tend to be under represented in many business fields, executive coaching will help ensure that more women are equipped with the skills and the confidence to become successful in the workplace.

I decided to take up a course in executive coaching so that I can inspire other women to become better executives. I am a banker, so I am quite used to teaching others the necessary skills to make it in a tough environment.

I know that without my own executive coach when I was younger, I would never have had the strength and the confidence to make it in a tough environment that is dominated by men.

I am sad to say that the banking world is still a man’s world, but it is slowly changing. I know I made it, and I am enjoying a happy, successful, if a little stressful, life.


Executive coaching was something that helped me become better at disseminating my ideas and passing it on to my trainees. Executive coaching taught me to become a role model, and to help young women navigate the field mine that is finding a career.

I know what it is like to be under represented in a specific career field, and I knew that I needed all of the help that I can get. This is not because I am a woman and too weak to make it on my own – everyone needs help, so do not be afraid to find some executive coaching for your career path.


Women who understand their disadvantages and want to mitigate them by getting the skills that they need are in fact, strong and intelligent. Both men and women can benefit from executive coaching after all.

All I know is that it is one of the best ways to develop the future women leaders. I want to see female CEOs, executives, and high ranking managers. I want them to be as common as men so that we are no longer a minority in the corporate field.

Women deserve to earn as much as their male counterparts.

Why Aren’t There More Female Jockeys?

Why Aren’t There More Female Jockeys?

Dec 23

Female JockeyThere is no denying it: female jockeys in horse racing are a rarity. Despite women making up nearly half of the world’s working class, only about 10% of the world’s licensed jockeys are women. If you look at the figures, only 75 out of the 750 licensed Jockeys of the Jockey’s Guild are female. This is a huge disparity, especially in a sport where women are probably physically better suited to race than men.

You see, being a jockey requires discipline and an innate skill that allows you to read and empathise with the horse you are riding. While the horse has the speed, the jockey is the one that controls how fast the animal should run, and where it should be headed.

Historically, jockeys should also be lightweight – all horses, especially nimble thoroughbreds, have a weight limit so that the animal does not get tired or injured while on the track. These animals are well taken care of, because an unhealthy horse is a slow horse.

Rosie Napravnik and HorseJockeys are historically short and typically weigh between 108 to 118 lbs. Most race tracks have a weight limit of 126 lbs, which already includes all of the racing equipment, including helmets, boots, bridle, and saddle. Because of the strict weight requirements for the horses, jockeys are typically quite short and average at 4’11 to 5’6 feet in height.

That is why women are so well suited to be jockeys – women are, on average, shorter and lighter than men. This is just a biological reality. The lighter the rider, the faster the horse will be able to run, because it will be burdened with less weight. Jockeys should guide their horses, not be a handicap.

Female Jockey Documentary

And yet, despite all of this, women still make a small minority of the horse racing world. One of the reasons why some people believe that women are less suitable to become jockeys is that being a jockey requires tremendous arm and core strength – you need muscle in order to stay in control of your horse. Unfortunately, there are still few women who have the skill and body strength needed to race horses at the professional level.

Julie Krone RidingOf course, there are more complex matters to deal with – women also often have to take a break if they become mothers, and the industry waits for absolutely no one. If a rider leaves, they just hire someone else to ride their horses for them. This creates tough competition, which leaves some trainers and owners more reluctant to hire women because of the off-chance that their rider becomes pregnant and unable to race.

Nevertheless, despite the odds, more and more women are pushing to become successful jockeys. While women have to ride harder and more skilled than their male counterparts just to be noticed, some trainers and punters are recognizing the benefits of having female jockeys – it is easier for women to make weight, and they typically will not have to compromise their health just to reach the weight limit. Male jockeys often are forced to undergo dangerous crash diets and dehydration just to make sure that they are hitting the weight limit.

Hopefully, as more and women join the tracks, women will finally be able to be considered equals on the racing track.