6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Suffragettes

6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Suffragettes

Mar 17

Everyone knows that the Woman Suffrage Movement was made in order to give the women the equal right to vote and to hold public office, just as men were able to.

Every person, man and woman alike, should have a say in what the future of their country should be.

The fight was won and now women can vote, but along with this there were many other things that the suffragettes were also able to accomplish for womankind.

But there are some things about suffragettes you might not know. Here’s some of them.

Why I Think Feminism is So Misunderstood by Today’s Youth

Why I Think Feminism is So Misunderstood by Today’s Youth

Jan 10

When the word feminism is mentioned, what usually comes to mind is now a twisted, warped version of what the term really means.

Where feminism is supposed to mean ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes,’ these days some women take it to mean that women should be of higher rank than men, and thus should be held in higher regard.

Unfortunately, it is this warped version which has grown in popularity (with the help of popular culture) and has led to a common misunderstanding of Feminism.

Why We Need Property Development for Women

Why We Need Property Development for Women

Dec 05

House ConstructionDid you know that as of 2014, women only own between 2% to 3% of land and property in the developed world? The number dips down even further in developing countries where women’s property laws are still hazy. While many people are quick to point out that women can perfectly capable of owning land in this modern age, the truth is that actual statistics prove otherwise.

Women make up roughly 50% of the world’s population, so why is it that women only get a tiny slice of the property pie while men get the lion’s share? There are many factors that contribute to this. For one thing, women have a harder time getting up the property ladder because of their disproportionate pay.

The 7 Stages of Property Development


Women make less than men for the exact same job, even if they have better credentials. It is just the reality of gender inequality, and the truth is that it hurts both genders.

The reason behind this is that it creates an economic disparity since women make up half of the workforce yet experience less benefits. To help fix this, I believe that more women should get into property development so that everyone gets a fairer chance in land ownership and its economic benefits.

Renting HousesI believe that women should try to finance for property development and get into the business of flipping or renting homes. Having actual ownership of land is one way to battle this disparity, especially if a woman is working on property development.

Unfortunately, women have a harder time finding finance for property development due to being considered “riskier” prospects for loans. Women generally have less money and are less likely to be approved for a loan. The fact that women experience pregnancy and maternal leaves make banks and loan companies less likely to provide the financing needed.

Patriarchal property rights are a thing of the past, but he long history of male dominated property laws are still creating havoc today. It is time that we push back and enter careers that will allow us to get a better grip on the property ladder. After all, women deserve an equal portion of the economic pie.

That being said, becoming a property developer can be tough work. Remember that you will have to find financing first and foremost – get your assets together and hire an accountant if you really need it.

London Real EstateYou should also become better at choosing what properties to develop, and how much you should pay to fix it. Ideally, you will want to look for a house that is on the fringes of a great location and develop it so that it can eventually become part of the sought after location. A good example would be the surrounding suburbs around London – They are cheaper than living right in the middle of the city, but are still in demand because people want to live near London.

All in all, women getting into property development and finance can help fix the problem of gender biased land ownership and improve the country’s economic standing.

Becoming a Better Speaker for Social Activism

Becoming a Better Speaker for Social Activism

Nov 13

We still need feminism – as long as women are still experiencing double standards in society and at work space, as long as women still get catcalled on the street, we need feminism.

3455c94As a women’s rights advocate, it frustrates me when I hear people – both men and women, saying that we do not need feminism any more, because the “big issues have been dealt with in the past”.

Now, the only way to rectify this is to raise awareness through public speaking and social activism. There are several ways for you to improve your communication skills and to become a better speaker:

Apply for a communication skills workshop

At my women’s advocacy group, I decided to go for a communication skills workshop for staff. The men and women who joined our organization all needed to improve on their communication skills so that they can raise awareness over women’s issues.

The communication skills workshop helped them learn a number of new techniques, allowing them to communicate more effectively. It is extremely important to get the point across.

I like how it also increased everyone’s self confidence – even the ones who are otherwise very shy were able to give excellent speeches and presentations. They also became better conversationalists.

Memorize concepts rather than focusing on content

Female public speakerAs a good speaker, you should memorize concepts rather than focusing on content. It is altogether too easy to just memorize a speech and belt it out in a robotic fashion.

Instead, it is better to memorize concepts – internalize the meaning of your speech rather than simply taking note of the words. Memorization can only get you so far.

Internalizing concepts can also help you explain yourself better if your audience has queries. This is especially important when talking for social advocacy groups.

Be interactive

Whether you are giving a speech or merely conversing with another person, it is better if you try to engage your audience in an interactive way. Talk to them, ask for their own experiences, and encourage them to ask questions.

Being interactive allows you to connect with your audience and get a better response.

Connect with your audience

You know how many feminists have this reputation for being angry with a “better-than-thou” attitude? Well, part of that is because a lot of women are bit too angry when trying to raise awareness about an issue.

It is always better to connect with your audience rather than to appear like some kind of fist waving misandrist. Try to connect with your audience and understand what they are feeling. This way, it is easier to make them see things your way.

Becoming a better speaker is one of the best things you can do for feminism. Women’s advocacy groups need intelligent, charismatic women who can clearly share their ideas with the world.

Equality takes a while to achieve, but we are already gaining a lot of traction over the years. Just a little more and we will be able to live in a world where sexism is nearly non-existent.

Why the World Needs More Female Engineers

Why the World Needs More Female Engineers

Oct 15

As with many careers in today’s world, engineering is a field that is dominated by men.

4d82836687e62.imageAlong with the bias of employers and hiring staff that clearly prefer men over women, female engineers experience harassment and discrimination while on the job.

I have a friend who finished top honors at her local university, having a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Currently, she’s a sheet metal fabricator at a laser cutting company and is in charge of complicated calculations and machine programming.

Sheet metal fabrication sounds like a grunt job, but the truth is that it requires a sound mind, expertise in metal working, and complex mathematics.

Since she proved to be especially good at handling manufacturing crises, she has become the go-to person for problem solving as well as offering new ideas.

She is the pillar of ingenuity and innovation at her company.

However, while she is respected by her laser cutting company today, this was not always the case.

Firefly-glovesWhen she first started applying for jobs, she was always being turned down by the companies on the grounds that they have found another applicant, who most definitely was always a male.

This irked her, as she was found to have better qualifications than her male counterparts.

On top of that, one recruiter mentioned that she looked too plain and frumpy.

This caused her significant distress, so she decided to dress up and wear make up for her next interview, hoping that it would make her look more respectable.

Unfortunately, the recruiter made jokes about how “delicate women should not be in engineering”.

This is the problem that many women are facing while in engineering jobs: they are judged by their appearances more than by their own skills.

Today, the percentage of female professional engineers in the UK are at 8% of the population.

This is extremely low for a field that constantly is in demand.

The world needs more female engineers because the current trends mean that engineering is now unsustainable.

The industry’s need for new engineers is overshadowed by the fact that not enough people are signing up to study the field.

With women making up 51% of the British population, female engineers are an untapped resource.

One study shows that female engineers in college tend to perform just as well as the men, but are 71% more likely to switch to a course or to abandon the field entirely after graduation.

The reason behind this is that many women feel that they are not going to thrive in a male oriented field and that the inflexible work hours conflict with their other needs.


Here is a quick advice for future female Engineers:

Many also believe that they are simply not skilled enough to enter the industry despite the fact that they are performing well.

However, women who have successfully entered the field such as my friend that is in sheet metal fabrication, report that they feel more satisfaction in their careers than men.

This is because they have persevered despite the odds against them.

We need more empowered women such as my friend in this world, especially since we need them in engineering so badly.

Make Moving Easier with This Tip

Make Moving Easier with This Tip

Sep 13

Okay, my fellow women… We all know how difficult it is to uproot your life and move.

I mean you have to pack everything up, physically move everything, then of course you are going to have to unpack.

That doesn’t even include the fact that you have to actually find a place to move to first, amongst many other things. It’s not easy, not in the slightest.

But if you want things to go as smoothly as possible…well I do have a little tip for you that might just help with that, regardless of whatever reason you may have for moving (be it a divorce, leaving an abusive partner, or if you’re moving for your career…and so on and so forth).

Since I just recently moved, I want to leave you all with a tip that I hope will help you in the future.

Here’s the tip—if you are buying and/or selling property to move, then make sure that you hire yourself a property solicitor.

They are also known as conveyancers. Luckily when I moved there were plenty of conveyancing solicitors in Manchester.

So now you are probably asking…


What is Conveyancing?

Okay, in simple terms, conveyancing is the part…the legal part, of all your property buying and selling.

Conveyancing is basically the transferring of property, often using documents. Actually more often than not using documents like mortgages and leases, and of course, deeds.

As a banker I actually do advice clients who are about to buy or sell property to speak with a conveyancing solicitor in order to make their transaction easier.

What are Conveyancers?

meeting-solicitorOkay, so now that we know what conveyancing is, let’s talk about conveyancers.

These are people who are licensed by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (at least here in the UK).

They are solicitors who are specialists in conveyancing, so they basically know the ins and outs of property transactions—and you wouldn’t need to worry much because they have the expertise and knowledge that you need.

They are required to be licensed for consumer protection, and to make sure of course that they actually meet the professional standards and benchmarks required to ensure that they are capable of handling your transactions.

Why Do I Need One?

Trust me—you need one. As a banker I’ve seen many people who went at conveyancing without a solicitor to help them.

 Here’s a video that will answer your question if you really need a conveyance solicitor:


There are many details involved in a property transaction, most of them often small and easily neglected.

People have come to me for help regarding the matter because they are having trouble with finances or with the mortgage.

Like I said—conveyancers know what they are doing. They won’t miss the little details that you or I most likely would.

They would also see far ahead if an issue might occur, something that, again, you or I might miss. And of course they would be able to prevent that problem.

So there’s my little bit of advice for you—take it as friendly advice.

Paying for the professional fee of a conveyancer is far better than paying fees, fines and interest if you have trouble with your transaction otherwise. Good luck with your future property transactions!

Caring for Your Beloved Kitties

Caring for Your Beloved Kitties

Aug 29


I’m taking a breather from my usual political and feminist-charged posts today to talk with you about caring for your beloved cats. I know, I know. It’s such a world away from what I usually write, but my beloved cat Nancy, who has been with me for nearly twenty years, recently passed on. Natural causes.


I suppose it was just nature taking its course, given she was already quite old for a cat. She passed on a few weeks ago but I still get quite teary eyed whenever I think about her. So I guess I should pay tribute to her by giving a few tips from my own experience about how to care well for your cat. Or cats.


Because once you have one you can’t quite stop adopting more. They’re simply lovely little creatures.
So from me to you… here are the things my experience have taught me about caring for your cats.




Feed Them Well
I feel like one of the reasons why Nancy lived to such a lovely long age is the fact that I fed her so well. There’s a difference however between overfeeding your pets and feeding them good food–good, natural food.


Feeding them healthy meals ensures they live great, long lives so I use the best dry cat food for my pets–only the best. At times I even feed my pets raw fish, or sometimes nice cooked meals I made myself. Nothing special–just fish and vegetables boiled together.




Clean Up After Them
You may think that cats likely don’t care about their environment but personally I still believe that as a pet parent, it is necessary to care well for your pets. Cleaning up after them is part of that. Make sure to clean out their litter box regularly–it’s essential of course, not only for their hygiene but for yours too.


You don’t necessarily have to bathe your cats–they do that on their own, for themselves. Just ensure that you give them fresh litter regularly and you should be fine. Luckily cats really don’t need much upkeep.




There are those who might think that cats don’t need as much playtime as dogs do, but the truth is even cats need a little play now and again. They aren’t as active as dogs but sometimes they do like to chase a toy around.


If you don’t have time to play with your cats then the least you can do is give them a cat tower they can play on, and a couple of toys.




Give Them Affection
Cats don’t crave love and affection as much as dogs do, they don’t exactly ask for it like the dogs do either. They don’t turn over and get on their backs to ask for belly rubs. But they do want some love and affection at times too, that much is true.


Cats have different personalities, and that is all I can say–what works for one pet parent may not work for another. But the only advice I can give to everyone, that will work for everyone, is that you should always love your pets.


Take responsibility for them as you should. And everyone will be happy.


Meanwhile Here are the  Basics of Pet Care:


Why Misandry Only Hurts the Cause

Why Misandry Only Hurts the Cause

Aug 22

Feminism is grossly misunderstood and is often mistaken for misandry.

I am sure that I have discussed this before, but feminism and misandry is completely different from each other.

Basically, feminists are all about gaining equality in the work place, fighting violence and abuse against women, and having control of oneself and of one’s own body.

Misandry on the other hand, is all about hating men and subjugating them in the same way that men subjugate women. It is the inverse of misogyny, which is the hatred of women.

True feminists believe in equality for all people, regardless of gender.


In fact, you will see many feminists who like men and enjoy the company of men, and there are many men who call themselves feminists as well.

While there are self-proclaimed feminists who are really just misandrists in disguise, the truth is that I have noticed a disturbing trend of misandrist jokes being linked to feminists.

There are many feminists who use tongue-in-cheek misandrist comments in an effort to look “ironic”.

For example, I had a friend who needed an emergency locksmith in Luton, and called up the local locksmith.

The man who arrived was short, and a bit heavy set, and she immediately made a comment about how “men should be in grunt work, am I right?”

AA019338She laughed and expected me to do the same, but I immediately accosted her. I apologized to the locksmith and paid him for his time.

I then turned to my friend and asked her why she would say something like that.

She told me that it was all a joke and that there is nothing wrong with a bit of “ironic misandry”.

In fact, this same friend has one of those “I drink men’s tears” mugs lying around in her house.

While I can appreciate some humour here and there, jokes about misandry do not help the cause even in the slightest.

It is the equivalent of misogynist jokes such as “Make me a sandwich”.

If that locksmith had told me that I was “too delicate” for such a job, I would have likewise been offended.

In the proper context, ironic misandrist jokes are fine, especially if they are used as rebuttal to a misogynist joke.

However, most of the time, it is just damaging to the cause especially since the majority of people will be put off by the tongue-in-cheek commentary.

As feminists, we have to promote proper discourse and understanding, communicating with others in a rational, intelligent way.

There are other ways to be humorous, but often times, snarky misandry is not the way to go. After all, sexism disguised as humour is still sexism.

Misandry and misogyny are both damaging to feminists and help no one, even if its “just a joke”.

What Women Can Do Now That They Couldn’t Do Before

What Women Can Do Now That They Couldn’t Do Before

Aug 17

With all thanks to the suffragettes, we women now have more rights. We can do a lot of things now that we could not back then.

Although things are still not exactly what I would call ‘ideal’, for me it appears that we are getting there—if by one little baby step at a time. It takes a while for society to change after all.

There are many things that women can do now that we could not even begin to imagine doing back then, such as getting a job in higher education amongst other things, but here are some more things we can do now that we couldn’t before.

Starting with, of course, the right to…


As we all know, thanks to the suffragettes who pushed for the passing of the 19th amendment in 1920, women now have the right to vote.

It was a long battle for them to achieve this, and it was a battle that started the ball rolling.

The rest of these effects I’ve listed following (and many effects I’ve not been able to list) are residual, but the suffragettes have truly made it all possible.

Attending Ivy League Schools

Way back when, only two Ivy League schools admitted women before the year 1913—UPenn and Cornell.

After 1913 other Ivy League schools have begun to admit women—Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth and Columbia alike.

Additionally, married women could also finally apply to graduate school as well, something that was not possible back then.

4-woman-credit-card-lOwning Credit Cards in Their Name

It may seem like such a trivial thing now, in today’s world, but back then, women could not even own credit cards in their own names. At least they could not before the year 1974.

But after the passing of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, women could finally get credit cards in their own name as the act ensured that banks and financial institutions could no longer discriminate based on sex.

Men and women both could be able to get credit cards at last.

Birth Control

This is something that is close to my heart because I believe that women should have the right to control what happens to their bodies.

I know there is a huge argument over it, and I do listen to both sides, but this is still my belief and I hope that people can respect it without causing argument.

Now, that said, the pill became more widely available for women in the year 1960, after the FDA approved it. In addition, emergency contraception became available in 1998, after the FDA approved it.

This is another important thing for me because it makes it possible for women who were victims of sexual assault and rape to take emergency contraception in order to prevent pregnancy by their attackers.

It lessens the likelihood of them carrying their attacker’s child to term, a horrific thing to live with and deal with no doubt.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Your Periods

Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Your Periods

Jul 29


I once had a period stain while I looked at some venues in Leeds for a party. My friend, who was there to accompany me, audibly gasped, “You have a stain!!” while pointing at a little red dot on my pants.


I looked and indeed, I had a stain on my pants, but I told her it was not a big deal, and I was simply having one of my heavy flow days. I said that I will finish what I am doing first before I decide to change my clothes.

Meanwhile, here is an An informative video of the biological processes behind the menstrual cycle:


But she kept insisting that I change it now, because it is “so embarrassing” and “what if someone sees you?”. I laughed it off and told her that while it is a bit embarrassing to see a stain on my clothes because of my period, it really isn’t that big of a deal, as I get them all the time when I am having one of my heavier days.


She then said “But aren’t you afraid of people finding out about your periods?”. At this point, I looked at her with a bit of surprise. Well, to be honest, periods should not be a horrible, shameful thing that has to kept secret from everyone.


Almost all women have had a period in their lives and will likely live with it for the rest of their reproductive lives.


Unless you are sick, transgendered, or had a hysterectomy, your periods are common and perfectly normal. Why would I be afraid of someone else finding out that I have a period?


But then I remembered how my mother told me that periods are horrible, immodest things, and that I should keep them secret from everyone. She would not even let me throw away my sanitary napkin in the trash bag, as I needed to carefully wrap it in multiple layers of paper until it is no longer identifiable as a pad. Not only was this a waste of paper, but I was confused over the hushed attitudes people seem to have about it.


Even in these modern days, the word “menstruation” is still considered unclean and uncalled for when brought up in conversation, even if things such as sexuality and sex acts come up in conversation all the time.


I even heard someone joke that saying the word “menstruation” in public procures the same reactions from onlookers as saying “Voldemort” in Hogwarts.


Harry Potter taboo words aside, I have always wondered why periods are such taboos. They are a natural part of female sexuality, a very normal and common biological response that dates back thousands if not millions of years.


Why is it that a woman is culturally trained to be ashamed of her period, having to go through many lengths to pretend that she does not get them?


As a feminist, I believe that your menstrual cycle is nothing to be ashamed about. It is simply part of who you are and a symbol of your fertility. I think women should embrace her periods, not vilify them, even though they do give you some nasty cramps!