6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Suffragettes

6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Suffragettes

Mar 17

Everyone knows that the Woman Suffrage Movement was made in order to give the women the equal right to vote and to hold public office, just as men were able to.

Every person, man and woman alike, should have a say in what the future of their country should be.

The fight was won and now women can vote, but along with this there were many other things that the suffragettes were also able to accomplish for womankind.

But there are some things about suffragettes you might not know. Here’s some of them.

Why I Think Feminism is So Misunderstood by Today’s Youth

Why I Think Feminism is So Misunderstood by Today’s Youth

Jan 10

When the word feminism is mentioned, what usually comes to mind is now a twisted, warped version of what the term really means.

Where feminism is supposed to mean ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes,’ these days some women take it to mean that women should be of higher rank than men, and thus should be held in higher regard.

Unfortunately, it is this warped version which has grown in popularity (with the help of popular culture) and has led to a common misunderstanding of Feminism.

Are You a Feminist if You Like “Being in the Kitchen”?

Are You a Feminist if You Like “Being in the Kitchen”?

Apr 03

We have all heard it said to us at one point in our lives: “Women should be in the kitchen where they belong!” and “Make me a sandwich”.

Which I think is extremely demeaning and relegates women back to the “Perfect 50s Housewife” stereotype.

In other words, the only career a woman could ever hope for is that of a meek housewife whose primary goal in life is to make her husband happy and to take care of their children.

This new level of misogyny is becoming quickly being considered perfectly normal behaviour due to various internet memes and websites.

Day in the Life of a Kitchen – early 1960′s – The Stay Home Mum

However, women have gone a long way since the 50s, and the rise of suffragettes and working class women in positions of power signalled the dawn of a new era.

Though sexism is still alive today, there is no denying that the modern woman is considered a huge asset to the economy, taking up more jobs than ever before.

And it is no wonder that the new ideal is that of a hard-working, skilled career woman. In fact, nowadays, the idea of the meek housewife is actually frowned upon, and many people, especially other women, think that you are not reaching your full potential.

Even if you are a mother, you are expected to get out of the house and work a nine to five job.


But I think that this goes against the ideals of feminism. You simply do not replace one stereotype with another — women should be allowed to do whatever they want without being forced into a specific box. It does not matter whether your like working in the kitchen or a kitchen remodeler who builds the kitchen with her bare hands.

Being one thing or another does not make you any less of a woman than the next.

I have nothing against women who choose to be housewives in order to take care of their family. If she can afford to do so and if it makes her happy, I think it is a very noble choice of profession. Likewise, I think it is also noble that a woman would choose to go to the office and work a full time job.

However, in the true spirit of gender equality, I also have no qualms about a father who chooses to stay at home to care for their kids if the mother decides to work.

You can be a feminist whether you are a man or a woman, whether you enjoy housework or not. Just because you like to wear lipstick and a dress, does not mean that you are any less of a woman than the ones who wear pressed power suits and tight hair buns.

Instead forcing women to take on a specific gender role, a true feminist focuses on giving a woman a choice — true gender equality is being allowed to make your own choices regardless of your gender.